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Although Luxirare has been around on the blogsphere for over a year now, we love her creations so much that we thought she should have a place here on the Lucid Loves page.

"Killer Clothes and Fine Cuisine" is what the header of the blog reads but what you get here is so much more. "Luxirare", a combination of the words luxury and rare gives us a strong hint as to what this she is all about. Her refined taste and appreciation for the subtle and finer things in food and the immaculate construction of clothes separate her from vulgarity, and what you get instead is quiet luxury.

She uses only the best ingredients for her amazing culinary creations and immaculately constructions her clothes will all the tools and the skill of an accomplished dressmaker. The process of preparing food and the manufacture of the garments are all photographed at every stage so you can really see the painstaking methods she uses.

With everything she creates, Luxirare challenges the notions we have of luxury today. In the Luxirare manifesto, it states:

"The new definition of luxury will not depend on mass production or the "high" price tag. There is no false creation of the "it" item and its corresponding "scarcity" that this item will "sell out". The new definition of Luxury will not only depend on the expensive materials used, but the time and amount of thinking it takes to create it. The new definition of Luxury will depend on how Rare an item is. The new realization of luxury will depend on something more personal; luxury will not only be unique and rare, but a highly intimate experience"


Loved by Alex
22 March 2010


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